Mississippi Company Introduces Telehealth to Malawi, Africa

[Canton, Mississippi, August 9]  T1 Telehealth has begun the process of connecting clinics in Africa to healthcare providers in Mississippi.  The Mission Hospital at African Bible College in Lilongwe saw 70,000 patients last year (2017), and the demand for healthcare continues to rise.  The rainy season brings Malaria, Cholera, and Bilharzia to this country of 18 million people, most of whom have almost no access to healthcare providers. Malawi ranks last in the world in doctor-to-patient ratio. In the United States, we have roughly one doctor for every 400 patients.  In Malawi that ratio is one to 55,000. T1 Telehealth plans to change this by giving patients immediate access to physicians and specialists through a connected telehealth network. This network will provide a tremendous service to the people that live in one of the poorest countries in the world, especially those living in geographically remote regions of the country. 

About T1 Telehealth – TelehealthONE, LLC (dba T1 Telehealth), Malawi Hospital Director, Mrs. Malla Kawale formed in 2013, is the first privately held telehealth company in Mississippi. T1 Telehealth provides care to patients through a proprietary, HIPAA compliant, video connection with a focus to improve healthcare access to patients regardless of location. T1 Telehealth opened the first pharmacy based telehealth clinic in the US at a pharmacy in Canton, Mississippi, in 2015.

About African Bible College – ABC is a Mississippi-based mission organization that operates three Christian universities in Africa, with full campuses in Liberia, Malawi, and Uganda. ABC also operates a mission hospital in Malawi. The ABC Community Clinic, which opened in 1999 as a humanitarian response to the lack of health care available to the people in the capital city.