Just getting started with Telemedicine?
Check out some of the most common questions asked below.

Common Telehealth Questions

How is Telemedicine delivered?

Telemedicine can be delivered using video-conferencing, audio communication, and/or text-messaging using mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Who participates in Telemedicine?

Healthcare professionals can use telemedicine to see patients or to consult with other care providers.

What can Telemedicine be used for?

Telemedicine has many applications in healthcare, including standard clinical care, counseling or therapy, patient education, professional consultant or supervision, and more.


Where can Telemedicine be provided?

Telemedicine can be provided to a patient at home or work, or at another clinic or hospital. Now with mobile devices, you or the patient can be anywhere with access to the internet.

We know Telemedicine is still new, let us know if you have questions!

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