TeleHospitalist Services

Virtual Staffing Solutions

Telemedicine can mitigate the effects of provider shortages and the equally challenging geographic maldistribution of healthcare providers by making care available virtually anywhere.

Recruiting & Retention

Because the TeleNocturnist connects virtually, recruiting and filling
much-needed positions becomes easier. The virtual-based care model also simplifies scheduling and reduces staffing costs.

Reduce Physician Burnout

Not only does the TeleHospitalist service make recruiting easier, but it also
reduces burnout, enhances work-life balance, and increases provider retention. With younger providers more reluctant to work overnight shifts, this proves to be a real advantage.

Surge Support

The TeleHospitalist service provides backup for surges, better utilization of resources for admissions, and improved coverage models that balance demand and capacity.

Improved Care Coordination

Round-the-clock provider access for admissions, discharges, and quality audits helps reduce LOS with expedited admission times, timely patient discharges, and improved care quality.

Patient Satisfaction

Immediate access to a hospitalist and ability to remain in the community for care improves patient satisfaction.

Strategic Alignment

Distribution of provider services to the locations with the highest need allows patients to be cared for locally versus being transferred to a distant facility, delivering positive community impact

Partner Hospital Testimonial

Administrator, 151 bed Acute Care Hospital

"T1's TeleHospitalist service is a cost-effective solution to an expensive problem. We had a nocturnist suddenly give notice without a single lead for a replacement. T1 was able to fill in the gap within a matter of weeks. With other nighttime providers experiencing fatigue and burnout, telemedicine has come at the perfect time."

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